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Tabor Winery




Marzipan Museum


Dvorat Ha Tavor - The land of silk and honey


A Place In Sejera - A kosher meat restaurant in Moshav Ilaniya 972-(0)4-6766801


Yehuda And Roza - A meat restaurant in Moshav Ilaniya 972-(0)54-4716393


Kfar Kisch Havat Hayatsranim

Local wines, Olive oil, honey, great goat and sheep cheese, almonds, jams...


Sirrin, a magical country chef resturant in Kfar Kisch 972-4-6760976 972-52-8888676


Danny Jeep


"Therapy clinic" - Pain treatment, Posture and Movement rehabilitation, Kefar Kisch

David Fuchs, mobile: 0544570238

Country Life

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